History of Coser

Competence, experience, and availability

For over 30 years, we have been designing and manufacturing all types of shot blasting and sandblasting machinery and equipment, always ensuring the highest quality and functionality, thanks to the use of advanced equipment, capable of ensuring lasting and excellent results in terms of productivity. Strong of a solid set of skills and technical experience, which gained over many years of active commitment to customer service, the company has been able to stand out in the industry, reaching unparalleled levels of specialisation and training on the sector.

Next to the "new product" market, Coser represents a landmark in the field of used and reconditioned sandblasting and shot blasting machines: the activity of installations purchasing and following actions of reviewing and mechanical regeneration, able to return to used machines even better and more efficient than the original ones’ conditions of exercise, are sustained and complemented by a widespread and timely after-sales service, operating 365 days a year.

From 1981 we make the difference

We successfully operate in the market of shot blasting, sandblasting and shot peening machines for over thirty years. The constant commitment in the research and implementation of technical solutions for mechanical pickling of pieces, together with the ability to intervene and solve, quickly and effectively, any kind of problem, necessity of use and maintenance, has made us the safer and most reliable allies to contact for all blasting processes.
Thanks to a furnished warehouse, equipped materials and spare parts of the most prestigious Italian firms in blasting and sandblasting, we are able to make quick interventions of replacement parts.

From 1981 we make the difference

Our mission

The world of shot blasting, shot peening and sandblasting machines has always been Coser’s core market and with our political-economic-management training, we assumed the management and the responsibility of this company, and we have invested and will all our energy and all resources in the ongoing research & development of the best technical solutions in the field of mechanical pickling of pieces.

Original spare parts

Look for a piece of a specific brand or spare part for your sandblaster?
Do you want to add a specific turbine to your shot blasting machine?
In our warehouse we have a vast assortment of original spare parts of the most prestigious Italian manufacturer brands.
All the spare parts for your shot blasting machine or sandblaster are always ready for delivery.

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