Used sandblaster

Used sandblaster with 24 month warranty and after-sales assistance

Used sandblaster

The Coser used sandblaster  are revised and refurbished from an operational and functional point of view. Inside the Coser warehouses, the used sandblasting machines are subjected to the storage and overhaul of the functional and mechanical components, thanks also to the wide availability of original spare parts and to the preparation of specific accessories for used sandblasting machines.

The Coser used sanblasting equipment are revised and refurbished from an operational and functional point of view. Inside the Coser warehouses, the use of sandblasting machines and the use of sandblasting machines.

Used Sandblaster Coser: Ideal for any intervention

The entire working cycle of used sandblasting equipement for sale is carried out by skilled and experienced labor. "Our technical staff", says Massimo Colombo, sole director of Coser, "follows specific training courses to be able to stem and solve any type of intervention problem".

Once the regeneration and revision process has been completed, Coser sanders are equipped with a Use and Maintenance Booklet and a Declaration of Conformity, in compliance with the New Machinery Directive (Law 42/2006) and with the Health and Safety Regulations. Safety in the workplace (Law 81/2008).

Used sandblaster: Professional and guaranteed for 24 months

Guaranteed for 24 months, Coser used sandblaster for sale are certified in all their components, with the exception of electrical and electronic components and any parts subject to any specific guarantees by the Production Companies.

Once the product is purchased, Coser also ensures a reliable and always excellent after-sales service for used and new sandblasting machines. The assistance service represents, for over thirty years, a strong point of the company, so much so that currently Coser is able to intervene on any type of sandblasting machine and sandblasting plant, for any need related to the maintenance, repair and modification of the 'facility.

The advantages of a used Coser used sandblaster

By choosing a used sandblaster, whether it is a plant or a single piece of equipment, an intelligent choice is made for several reasons:

  1. There is a greater possibility of choice considering that the reduced price of used sandblasting machines makes different models more suitable for the economic availability of all, guaranteeing a quality equal to the new with a less demanding investment.ù
  2. The durability of the used professional sanders supplied by Coser is equal to the new, thanks to the revision, repair and assembly process to which they are subjected and also thanks to the use in the process of the number of original spare parts of the most prestigious brands.
  3. With the purchase you will not only get the machinery itself, but also the training of company personnel in the use of it, the release of the necessary documentation for the commissioning according to law and a comprehensive and timely after-sales assistance.
  4. Coser also provides a consultancy service on compliance with the correct legislative terms relating to the emission of dust and environmental protection. In this way buying a sander, as well as saving, you will also make an ecological choice, which will allow you to purchase a reliable and durable machinery capable of operating in total respect for the environment.

Original spare parts

Look for a piece of a specific brand or spare part for your sandblaster?
Do you want to add a specific turbine to your shot blasting machine?
In our warehouse we have a vast assortment of original spare parts of the most prestigious Italian manufacturer brands.
All the spare parts for your shot blasting machine or sandblaster are always ready for delivery.

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