Original Carlo Banfi®’s spare parts

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Are you looking for a part of a specific brand or a spare part for your sandblasting machine?
Do you want to complete your shot blasting with a specific turbine?
In our warehouse we have a wide assortment of original spare parts of the most prestigious brands of Italian manufacturers. All spare parts for your shot blasting or sandblasting machine are ready for delivery.

Available spare parts

If you are looking for a replacement of other brands for your sandblasting machines, do not hesitate to contact us.

Other spare parts

Looking for a piece of a specific brand?

Original spare parts and single pieces

Coser warehouse has a vast and comprehensive range of spare parts and individual pieces, selected from the best and most prestigious brands of Italian manufacturers, in the field of activation components, transmission and electrical operation, mechanical and pneumatics. All parts are in stock and you can check the availability in stock and also request them online.

Looking for a piece of a specific brand?

Do you want to complete your shot blasting machine with a specific turbine?

Our warehouse has a large assortment of turbines, operational heart of sandblasting and shot blasting machines available in various sizes depending on the needs. For the choice of turbines we have always used the collaboration of leading Italian manufacturers (Carlo Banfi®, Cogeim®, OMSG® and many others): the aim has always been to ensure quality products certified and controlled at the origin. The selection of accessories such as chargers, elevators, conveyors and sorters with stairs and balconies is also fundamental.

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