Tailor sanblasting and shot blasting machine

Designed and built according to your needs

The production of shot blasting and sandblasting machines has never been "in series", but always and only on the specific contract "custom made", focusing on the long experience of our engineers to design and make a machine tailored to those who have to use it.
Why you should buy custom machines: They are designed and manufactured in a tailored way to the customer's specific requirements and often the higher cost is amply repaid with the best production efficiency.

What is the strength of "custom-made" machines?

The great experience acquired "in the field" in more than 35 years of activity and the continuous updating has enabled us to solve several problems of shot blasting and sandblasting, even with the latest technology, that were unthinkable until some years ago.

The shot blasting machines are designed, planned, manufactured, tested, and delivered with a direct treatment through the skilled employees

in the care of all the details from A to Z, because they are not just a "box with the turbines that blast the pieces" but machines perfectly functioning for the purpose to which they are created.

What is the strength of

Over 35

years of activity in the sector


Continuous updating of machinery in the company


Cutting-edge technologies and advanced methods

from A to Z

Available sandblasting and shot blasting machines

Original spare parts

Look for a piece of a specific brand or spare part for your sandblaster?
Do you want to add a specific turbine to your shot blasting machine?
In our warehouse we have a vast assortment of original spare parts of the most prestigious Italian manufacturer brands.
All the spare parts for your shot blasting machine or sandblaster are always ready for delivery.

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