The Revision centre

Coser used shot blasting machines

The Coser used machinery Revisions centre normally provides for a complete production cycle which brings installations back to then specify installations under operating conditions comparable to the new, counting on an original constructive basis often more solid and robust than the current standards.

"... To retrieve a used machine is definitely an ecological action", as recycled materials reduce the environmental impact and waste production (special or not) ..."

The revised shot blasting machines

The used blasting machines, as almost all the machines, are equipped with a more solid and robust architectural basis than today's standards, because they are conceived in a perspective of longer duration. We have dozens of used equipment, of which most of them in stock.

Machines reviewed by Coser are accompanied by a Use & Maintenance booklet and by the Declaration of Conformity, as provided for specifically by the New Machinery Directive (L.42 / 2006) and the Regulations on Health and Safety in the workplace (L.81 / 2008) as well as any other specific laws, and are guaranteed 24 months, except for the electrical and electronic components and parts eventually covered by specific guarantees of producing brands.

The reconditioning of sandblasting machines

The phases of the revision carried out in Coser, usually take place following a specific "renewal" cycle:

  • Withdrawal of the used sandblasting, shot blasting and shot peening machines and/or of their parts for revision;
  • The old machinery disassembly and separation of what should be scrapped as no longer serviceable, and what can be recovered with a functionality higher than 50% of its cycle-life;
  • Replacement of irreparable parts with European firms’ first choice spare parts and components; 
  • Preparation of the new electrical control panel with its complete system of board-machine;
  • Assembly and painting of the revised machinery;
  • Tests, normally in white (without abrasives) and sometimes with metallic grits;
  • Dismantling and preparation of the "revised product" for the next shipment depending on the (by land or ship).
The reconditioning of sandblasting machines

Original spare parts

Look for a piece of a specific brand or spare part for your sandblaster?
Do you want to add a specific turbine to your shot blasting machine?
In our warehouse we have a vast assortment of original spare parts of the most prestigious Italian manufacturer brands.
All the spare parts for your shot blasting machine or sandblaster are always ready for delivery.

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