Used shot blasting equipment

We regenerate shot blasting equipment machines with original spare parts

Used shot blasting equipment

Shot blasting is a process in which sand, glass beads, small metal components or other small elements are hurled at high speed against the surface of hard materials, so that it is perfectly smooth and ready for subsequent interventions, such as painting for example.

This is a procedure, therefore, aimed at removing previous coatings, rust and other corrosive residues from the surface of the products. The choice of the means used to clean the surface will depend on how difficult the removal is and on the material of which the same objects are made.

The choice of used shot blasting equipment

In the surface finishing sector, there are several manufacturers worldwide that offer good quality equipment designed to meet every business need. However, precisely in this sector, where the price range related to such equipment is medium-high, the purchase of used shot blasting equipment can be a highly strategic solution for an entrepreneur who has to face contingent costs and expenses every day. The purchase of a used shot-blasting machine rather than a new one can therefore prove to be a winning economic choice.

In fact, the new market has undergone a significant contraction in sales in recent years, against a relative increase in industrial activity in this sector.

Our company is the leader in this market segment, being able to guarantee for decades a highly professional partnership for the research, sale and assistance of a quality used: we offer our customers many types of accessories for shot blasting machines used as filters dust collectors, vibrating screens, cyclones.

This phenomenon can be explained by the renewed interest in the used shot blasting industry, which is, in fact, very active: the daily requests for surface finishing plants and associated machines are very numerous. In this way, in fact, it is possible to invest in quality, balancing the latter with a substantial containment of the investment required. We do not forget, in fact, that the second-hand market is relative not only to individual machines for processing individual surfaces, but also to the sale of a complete finishing system, including all the accessories and contents necessary for industrial activity. , from A to Z.

The advantages of used shot blasting equipment

By opting for the Coser shot blasting machines, whether it is a plant or a single regenerated used shot blasting machine, it is an optimal choice for a number of reasons:

  1. The range of shot blasting equipment used to choose the ones to be used in your plant is greater, if we consider the price reduction compared to the new one (the advantage will be a higher quality with the same investment);
  2. The overhauled used shot blasting machines have undergone a repair and assembly process, thanks to a vast assortment of original spare parts from the most prestigious Italian manufacturers' brands. The objective of Coser is to favor an operating life equal to the new and only ordinary maintenance cycles;
  3. Our review center for shot blasting machines, highly specialized, will take care not only of the installation but also the possible training of the personnel of your company and the release of all necessary documentation for the commissioning according to the law (an after-sales service) complete, efficient and corresponding to that foreseen for the new one);
  4. The Coser Review Center will always deal with all the practices related to the requests of the Law on the disposal of disused equipment;
  5. Coser provides a timely assistance service, for everything related to the used system purchased, to minimize the damage caused by possible breakdowns or breakages of the machinery and, therefore, a shutdown of the production line;
  6. Coser also advises on the terms of the law relating to dust emissions and the protection of the environment and workers' safety. Choosing a used shot blasting machine, therefore, is a functional choice not only from an economic point of view, but also ecological. In fact, with an operating yield equal to the new one, considerable economic savings are assured, while respecting the environment.

Original spare parts

Look for a piece of a specific brand or spare part for your sandblaster?
Do you want to add a specific turbine to your shot blasting machine?
In our warehouse we have a vast assortment of original spare parts of the most prestigious Italian manufacturer brands.
All the spare parts for your shot blasting machine or sandblaster are always ready for delivery.

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