Assistance and Maintenance

Assistance and Maintenance

Original spare parts Carlo Banfi, OMSG e Cogeim

Revision and reconditioning centre

Revision and reconditioning centre

Sandblasting installations

Coser offers you technologically and functionally the most economic solution for your sandblasting installation.

From 1981, we make the difference in competence, experience, and availability.
Coser has been active for over 30 years in the field of technical assistance of shot blasting, sandblasting and shot peening machines and installations. We have a wide range of machines for the key areas of surface treatment technology, grinding, finishing, shot blasting and sandblasting. We collect used shot blasting machines and sandblasters then we regenerate them not only from the economic point of view but also ensuring a strategic and winning solution.

Original Carlo Banfi®’s spare parts

Coser has what you need

Are you looking for a part of a specific brand or a spare part for your sandblasting machine?
Do you want to complete your shot blasting with a specific turbine?
In our warehouse we have a wide assortment of original spare parts of the most prestigious brands of Italian manufacturers. All spare parts for your shot blasting or sandblasting machine are ready for delivery.

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