COSER TUNNEL 2500x2500/12T

Cod. 11cb-02-14-001

COSER TUNNEL 2500x2500/12T
COSER TUNNEL 2500x2500/12T
Sold Machine Venduta

Technical features

Shot blasting to straight interconnection of the wagon


TUNNEL 2500x2500

Year of construction: 2016
Maximum piece width: 2500 mm
Maximum piece height: 2500 mm
Conveyor type: wagon
Turbine model: CS1E
Maximum tank flow: 10000 kg
Turbine number: 12
Turbine diameter: 380
Turbine blades number: 8
Turbine motor power: 11 KW
Separator type: Pneumatic
Total installed power: 157,20 kW
Filter model: FSN 13
Filter type: Maniche
Filter flow: 25000 m³/h

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