COSER CS RT 20 Matr.176/16 Anno 2016

Cod. 153-01080001

COSER CS RT 20 Matr.176/16 Anno 2016
COSER CS RT 20 Matr.176/16 Anno 2016
Sold Machine Venduta

Technical features

Shot blasting machine with rotary table

Centrifugal turbine type CS 360 2
Turbine rpm 2800 rounds/min
Turbine motor power: 5.5 kW
Table diameter: 2000 mm
Maximum height for pieces 700 mm
Filling opening 1500x700 mm
Table flow 1000kg
Table rotation speed 1.1 rounds/min
Power unit dust extraction 7.5kW
Aspiration required ca.5000
Installed power 19.5kW


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